We shed screams,

to endless echoes of defeat.

We pound the pumps of love to our pain receptors,

To only bathe in the lies designed to fry.

Demanding the core peace detonates the misconception of this reality,

making it beautiful to soak in local ambitions.

You cry joy to my anger, while blinding the sub reactor of unity,

destroying the only truth to teamwork.

This could be a summer night crisis or a summer day blues.

What do you choose?

Because honestly,

I just want to enjoy this summer, without feeling like I’m going to lose.

Just for this summer.




A cautious word,

defined with mystery.

A meaning so deep, our neurons can’t process the dots quickly like our actions.


our brain can’t compute this information blindly. It must understand its true purpose of existence.

We use this freely like the air we breathe, yet forget the blessings it illuminates.

This word brings power, strength, and determination to the core of sacrificing.

Gigantic in illusion, reciprocated in reality



Lost in a trace.

A shadow mind, so misunderstood.


Demonstrating the dreams of change seems hopeless at times. Devoting my spirit to express knowledge through my lyrics is my inspiration. Through your sorrow, motivation heals the hidden opportunities.

Golden promises lead to tortured moors.

I seek artifacts from above,

Messages that feed the wounded at its core.

Only to be drained by the power of guilt.

You generate bricks of stone to the magnetic field, yet forget to protect the essence of your sanity. Derailing this truth only hides your blessings.

So gravitate to the beliefs of strength & break the chains of despair. You create the pathways you crave, while observing the possibilities of prosperity. Never stop your confident from achieving greatness.

You are your own dynamic dynasty.

©️2021, Kantshens. ( M.Howard ). All rights reserved.





My endless battle between light & Dark. Words for the ego. IG: Kantshens_ TikTok: Kantshens